Boxing's greatest fear? Sprains and fractures to the hands and wrist. Reduce the risk with The Punch Protector.
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The Perfect Punch

The Punch Protector supports proper boxing mechanics automatically and features a disc that spins to allow for easy rotation of the fist when throwing a jab or hook.

Wrist and Knuckle Protection

Featuring patented technology, the Punch Protector eliminates awkward blows that can cause injury, absorbing the impact in the heel of the palm and transferring the energy through the center of the wrist and forearm.

Train More Effectively

Since the Punch Protector defeats any prospect of serious injury, fighters can train more aggressively and enhance their grip strength with each blow without the need for such exercises as wrist curls, fingertip push-ups or swinging an axe or sledge hammer.


John Schaeffer, MFS, MSS, MPN

Multi-time World Champion

World Class Trainer Praises Punch Protector

My name is John Schaeffer. I am a sports scientist. I train numerous Olympic and professional athletes, including professional boxers. I was a multi-time world champion in powerlifting and professional kickboxing. Check my website for more details:

I would like to talk about a new heavy bag boxing workout product called “Punch Protector.” (Note: Always learn proper punching techniques before doing heavy bag workouts.) Every one of my athletes, as well as my mom/pop clients, love to hit heavy bags. The problem is that their hands and wrists are not developed to handle the impact. Even my pro fighters have to deal with sore hands and wrists, no matter how well their hands are wrapped. I discovered the “Punch Protector,” and I think this is one of the most amazing products to come along in a long time. I can’t believe no one thought of it before this. “Punch Protectors” are padded to align your knuckles to your forearms technically correct and you do not need to wrap your hands. They are simple to use – just grab the handle, wrap the elastic band around your wrist, and you’re ready to train.

My clients and I were amazed at how well they work to protect your hands and wrists. You will physically fatigue from hitting the bag long before your hands and wrists will get sore. “Punch Protector” is truly an amazing product that you must try! See for yourself how well they work.

I recommend “Punch Protector” to everybody who enjoys working out on a heavy bag, which includes professional fighters.


"The Punch Protector has become a key tool in my training regimen. There's nothing else on the market like it. "
M. MorrisExperienced Boxer
"My heavy bag had been sitting around in the garage for years collecting dust. The Punch Protector made it relevant again."
R. SalvaSatisfied Customer
"Boxer's advantage. What is it? Taking advantage of as many opportunities in the ring as possible. How did I acquire it? In practice! Long before the actual fight. It's the difference between my winning and losing."
G. GaltAmateur Boxer