Every combatant who steps into the ring knows they may not leave standing up. One of the greatest of all time said, "A smart boxer makes use of every advantage." Shouldn't you?

The Punch Protector's Seven Advantages

The perfect punch.

Automatically developed because you are supporting proper boxing mechanics.

Quick set-up.

Instead of having to allow 15 minutes to wrap and unwrap your hands, you can be ready to practice in seconds.

No more sweaty hands.

The sturdy open construction of the Punch Protector prevents it.


The Punch Protector absorbs each impact, protecting your wrists and knuckles.

Be confident.

Train more aggressively without fear of serious injury.

Increase grip strength.

Every blow you land enhances it.

Wrist flexibility.

Easily rotate your wrists while throwing a jab or hook. A disc that spins makes this possible without the fear of landing the punch too early and torquing the wrist.