Cage Fighting Xtreme began in January 2009. Since then it’s founder Linda Shields has become known as one of the strongest MMA promoters in the United States. She has forever changed Mixed Martial Arts by infusing a Show Biz Element: Live Music, Fireworks, and Celebrity Sightings.

What has motivated her to carve out a place is this male-dominated arena? “The excitement, seeing the overwhelming response from the Full Force shows and interacting with the fans, the fighters, and the sponsors. It’s an exciting opportunity,” she says.

Shields comes from a background in PR, having spent eight years working for The Bean Agency in New York. She also spent time working as a make-up artist in the entertainment industry. Yes, indeed: She brought a real showbiz element to her cage fighting competitions with her live music, fireworks and celebrity sightings.

She has a strong commitment to supporting local talent. She says, “I’m weary of recruiting fighters from other states and other countries just because it’s taking a chance away from our local fighters. I want to help our local athletes promote themselves and showcase their talents. New England is packed with talented MMA athletes as we’ve already seen with the Lauzon’s, Kenny Florian, Josh Grispi, Marcus Davis, Dale Hartt, and Pat Schultz. Cage Fighting Xtreme will be the place where New England’s second generation of MMA stars ignite their careers!”

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