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Punch Protectors: 7 Ways to Last Longer in the Ring

1. Develop the Perfect Punch.

You automatically develop Perfect Punch because you are supporting proper boxing mechanics. That translates into lasting longer not only in practice, but in the ring.

2. Get Quick set-up.

Instead of having to allow 15 minutes to wrap and unwrap your hands, you can be ready to practice in seconds. Saved time gives you more time to train which contributes to increased endurnce in practice, and ultimately, in the ring.

3. Eliminate the distraction of sweaty hands.

The sturdy open construction of the Punch Protector prevents it. This allows you to concentrating on perfecting your techniques rather than lose your focus over sweaty hands.

4. Protect yourself better in practice.

The Punch Protector absorbs each impact, protecting your wrists and knuckles allows you to keep practicing which in turn will help you to stay in the ring longer.

5. Increase your over-all confidence.

You can begin training more aggressively without the same old fears of serious injury. Get your trainers okay.

6. Increase your grip strength.

Every blow you land in practicing with the Punch-Protectors enhances your grip strength.

7. Gain greater wrist flexibility.

The Punch Protectors helps increase wrist flexibility. This allows you to easily rotate your wrists while throwing a jab or hook at the bag. A disc that spins makes this possible without the fear of landing the punch too early and torquing the wrist.

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