Creative Commons Photo/ J_Dacanay: Photographer
Creative Commons Photo/ J_Dacanay: Photographer

Miesha Tate: “The Beautiful UFC Champ from Australia” hasn’t let the championship go to her head. She continues to train––take care of business by sticking close to the gym in an effort to stay ahead of her contenders. And there are a slew of them gunning for her.

“I know that there’s a lot of really top contenders,” she said,”a lot of girls in the division, that are really chomping at the bit. I think I’ve been called out by probably everybody in the top-6, if not potentially the top-10. So, they’re all gunning for me, and they’re all dangerous, and they all have their different attributes to bring to the table, so I think my job as the champ is just to stay ready for whoever. I’m just going to stay in the gym, and I have to be able to beat every single one of them.”

Miesha’s words of wisdom, “Stay in the gym,” are more than just a press statement, they boil down to solid advice for any fighter: After you get a taste of success, don’t rest on your laurels.

We wish the UFC Woman’s Bantamweight Champion continued succss and hope by now she’s training and protecting her valuable hands and wrists with our revolutionary Punch-Protectors:the Boxers Advantage.

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