Men’s Fitness: John Schaeffer Training World Class Athletes

“The training is tough, but my athletes quickly come to realize that they have much more energy and muscle power than they ever knew they had,” says John Schaeffer in a 2014 article in Men’s Health ( ). Schaeffer … Read More

Helmets: Who Wears Them?

Helmets: Who Wears Them? Answer: ATHLETES WHO WEAR HEADGEAR Boxers, Wrestlers and Sport Karate Participants. 1. Boxers: Amateur and Olympic Athletes. These padded helmets look good, but have limitations. Why? Because boxers often aim for the chin. And headgear does … Read More

Dr. Worman: CFX Champion and Orthopedic Surgeon

Mixed Martials Arts is a dangerous sport, but according to Dr. David Worman, quoted in an April 2014 article in Forbes magazine, “Most of the injuries occur not during the actual competition, but during training.” We want to send Punch-Protectors … Read More

Chuck Norris: Finding a Good Karate Instructor

“Each instructor is naturally biased toward his own style. Each will naturally say his style is superior. As has been said so many times before, however, an instructor is only as good as the students he turns out. He need … Read More

Celebrities Embrace Mixed Martial Arts

You’ve heard of Boxing, but what is Piloxing? Some call it a high energy workout on steroids, but it’s fans say it is the perfect blend of Pilates and Boxing. Viveca Jensen is given credit as its originator. Ms. Jensen … Read More

Boxers Advantage: No More Tears

If you're injured during practice or in the ring, it can be traumatic. It's not only a blow to your body, but your overall confidence. So what do you do? Walk out of the gym with a losers limp? Hold … Read More