Sports Science Lab Interviews 6’8” Athlete/Inventor Mike Mattox

Photo: In 2011, Mike Mattox was chosen as the Chrisman Hall of Fame inductee. At the same ceremony an honorary award was accepted by the grandson of Chrisman Alumni President Harry Truman and Bess Truman. William Chrisman Hall of … Read More

Legendary Trainer John Schaffer Puts Punch-Protectors To The Test

News Flash #2: For the past 2 weeks, Boxing Legend John Schaffer has been testing, the Patented Punch-Protectors. Between getting our patents and the latest news from John Schaeffer, we’re singing the 2nd.chorus of “How lucky can you get!” Seriously, … Read More

New York: MMA Finally Legal

Great news for New York! After years of battling for the right to be legal in New York, they finally got it. You’ll want to read all about this historic ruling in the article below written by Chuck Mindenhall … Read More

Odds 9 to 10 Favor Imperfect Athletes

Stay tuned for our review of “How to Be an Imperfectionist: The New Way to Self-Acceptance, Fearless Living, and Freedom from Perfectionism.” This life changer is written by Stephen Guise, the Author of “Mini Habits. It is available in both … Read More

Miesha Tate: UFC Champ Stays in Gym to Beat Competitors

Miesha Tate: “The Beautiful UFC Champ from Australia” hasn’t let the championship go to her head. She continues to train––take care of business by sticking close to the gym in an effort to stay ahead of her contenders. And there … Read More

Punch Protectors: 7 Ways to Last Longer in the Ring

Punch Protectors: 7 Ways to Last Longer in the Ring 1. Develop the Perfect Punch. You automatically develop Perfect Punch because you are supporting proper boxing mechanics. That translates into lasting longer not only in practice, but in the ring. … Read More

Heavy Bag Training: A New Approach

What’s your relationship with your old bag. Did you get hurt, give up, and walk away from what you were sure would make such a big difference? It’s okay! Walking away may have been the right decision. Why? Because NOW … Read More

Show Biz Element Sky Rockets the #1 Cage Fighting Extreme: Live Music, Fireworks, and Celebrity Sightings

Cage Fighting Xtreme began in January 2009. Since then it’s founder Linda Shields has become known as one of the strongest MMA promoters in the United States. She has forever changed Mixed Martial Arts by infusing a Show Biz Element: … Read More

Men’s Fitness: John Schaeffer Training World Class Athletes

“The training is tough, but my athletes quickly come to realize that they have much more energy and muscle power than they ever knew they had,” says John Schaeffer in a 2014 article in Men’s Health ( ). Schaeffer … Read More

Helmets: Who Wears Them?

Helmets: Who Wears Them? Answer: ATHLETES WHO WEAR HEADGEAR Boxers, Wrestlers and Sport Karate Participants. 1. Boxers: Amateur and Olympic Athletes. These padded helmets look good, but have limitations. Why? Because boxers often aim for the chin. And headgear does … Read More